The exclusive DIAMEL Jewellery line,was founded 2007 in Switzerland.
Started as a real classic collection. Thanks to its diversity and special beauty as well as its innovative skills.
DIAMEL is coming a line of genuine, high quality jewellery: renowned for its eye for detail and exquisite finish, it has already gained admiration from four continents in the world.
Diamel’s jewellery is a realisation of a passionate dream.
The 10 years of experience united with the own distinguished style, the sparkling energy and drive, passion and knowledge about Diamonds, sensitiveness and effervescent creativity allow to add a unique value to every piece of DIAMEL is providing. Every stone is setted under microscope.
DIAM EL is from the words DIAMond and jewELlery.
You can feel the positive energy which blissfully brings balance to your body.




DIAMEL sets only conflict free diamonds!